Spring Energized Seals

Our Spring Energized Seals are precision U-shaped machined components, utilizing high-performance polymers and a singular spring energizer to impart force to the sealing lips. The seal jacket is meticulously crafted from PTFE compounds, incorporating advanced polymer fillers to significantly enhance overall seal life and bolster wear resistance properties.

In response to system pressure, these seals exhibit an increase in sealing force, establishing a reliable, leak-tight seal. Notably, the incorporation of a spring allows for a degree of misalignment tolerance, contributing to consistent sealing force and reduced jacket wear.

Our Spring Energized seals are available in corrosion-resistant metal alloys such as stainless steel, Elgiloy, and Hastelloy, specifically tailored to address the challenges posed by corrosive and high-temperature applications.

Our standard Spring Energized Seal line is precision-machined to seamlessly fit AS 568A glands in radial rod and piston grooves, as well as axial face seal configurations. These seals are well-suited for static, rotary, and reciprocating applications, demonstrating exceptional performance under the most extreme and challenging conditions.

Capable of functioning across a broad spectrum, these seals operate at speeds ranging from static and low speeds to an impressive 20 m/s (4000 fpm). They can withstand pressures from vacuum to 700 kg/cm² (10,000 psi) and temperatures spanning from cryogenic conditions, -196°C (-321°F) to 300°C (575°F). Notably, these seals excel in chemically aggressive environments, making them a reliable solution for hydraulic components operating in conditions where low friction, high lateral loads, and corrosive or steam environments are prevalent.

These seals offer a highly effective solution, delivering consistent friction performance while meeting the rigorous demands of diverse applications.

We offer the flexibility to customize our Spring Energized Seals, enabling us to craft tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements and needs.

Advantages of our spring energized seals

  • Designed to fit standard O-ring grooves per AS568A specifications
  • Manufactured with CNC machines, This tooling-free manufacturing method makes it perfect for small quantities as well as diverse customizations
  • Versatile sealing achieved through diverse spring and seal profile designs
  • Compatible with autoclaves and various sterilizing agents