PTFE Glide Seal Sets

PTFE Glide seal sets comprise a PTFE sealing element paired with a rubber O-ring serving as an elastic energizer. Primarily used to seal reciprocating rods, pistons, and plungers in hydraulic and pneumatic applications, these seals achieve the necessary sealing effect through radial pressure. The preloaded element, combined with system pressure, exerts radial pressure on the lip against the mating surface. The elastic energizer propels the PTFE ring against the mating surface, initiating the sealing force for the seal.

PTFE Glide seal sets offer significantly lower friction without any stick-slip effect, ensuring smooth operation, even in intermittent or long-stroke applications. They provide reliable sealing under high service pressures and surface speeds. The inherent low friction and wear-resistant properties of our PTFE compounds contribute to extended seal service life and reduced maintenance costs.

These seal sets are particularly well-suited for challenging operating conditions, such as construction equipment, chemical processing, offshore environments, galvanizing and color coating lines, and coal-fired power plants where dust, high temperatures, aggressive media, or intermittent motion are common. They are also widely utilized in food, medical, and semiconductor processing equipment.

Our PTFE Glide seal sets offer diverse seal profiles that can accommodate most single and double-acting cylinders. Compact profiles have been developed to fit AS 568A standard O-ring grooves, accommodating one or two back-up rings.


  • Easy Fitting
  • Comprehensive range of sizes available
  • Exceptional gliding characteristics are achieved thanks to the low friction properties of our PTFE compounds.
  • Wear resistance can be enhanced through the use of proprietary fillers.
  • Demonstrates excellent sealing performance with a wide range of chemicals.
  • Exhibits high extrusion resistance.
  • Possesses good thermal conductivity.


  • Hydraulic cylinders with low break-out and low friction characteristics
  • Pneumatic cylinders with low friction and no stick-slip characteristics
  • Cylinders for use in corrosive environments.
  • Plungers
  • Cylinders with low friction in high-temperature applications.