Rotary PTFE Lip Seals

Rotary PTFE lip seals feature an ID lip for dynamic shaft sealing and an O-ring centered on the OD. Ideal for medium to high-speed, low-pressure applications, they are a popular choice when rotary speeds surpass elastomeric seal capabilities.

Benefiting from a distinctive sealing lip construction and outstanding self-lubricating properties of PTFE compounds, our rotary PTFE lip seal outperforms conventional rubber oil seals. Operating at typical speeds of 25 m/s (4925 fpm) and above, these seals offer superior performance.

Available in a diverse range of PTFE compounds, they incorporate common O-ring materials such as fluorocarbon (FKM), silicone (VMQ), nitrile (NBR), and EPDM. The combination of standard O-ring and PTFE compounds creates a versatile and easily adaptable solution for a wide array of high-speed applications.

The standard sizes are precision machined to fit both inch-fractional and metric gland geometries. Additionally, our in-house processing capabilities enable the customization of seal cross sections and diameters, ensuring we can meet any customer’s specific requirements.