Bearing Isolators

A bearing isolator is an innovative sealing device developed to safeguard the rolling bearings of rotating equipment, offering a modern alternative to traditional lip seals (rubber oil seals). The unique labyrinth ring configuration addresses common sealing challenges, preventing issues such as shaft wear caused by lip seals and the degradation of lubricating oil due to foreign object or water vapor ingress.

By eliminating contact between mating surfaces, the bearing isolator significantly extends the service life of bearings and rotating shafts. The FKM (Viton) O-ring material, along with a special PTFE filler featuring heat resistance, self-lubrication, and high strength characteristics, makes the seal ideal for harsh environments in bearing rotating equipment. This design minimizes component wear and pollution concerns, contributing to enhanced reliability in operation.

Our bearing isolator builds upon design concepts from major leading brands, leveraging material characteristics to optimize the fitting precision of dynamic and static rings. The static O-ring seal effectively seals the inner bore, preventing any leakage paths. The robust oil splashing labyrinth groove, coupled with a well-designed lubricating oil mechanism, ensures the quality of lubricating oil.

Beyond providing synchronized braking force with the shaft, the O-ring’s centrifugal force during rotation, combined with the internal labyrinth, effectively eliminates and expels high-humidity pollutants, achieving a dual-layer protection effect. This innovative design enhances the overall performance and protective capabilities of the bearing isolator.
Our bearing isolator features a simple and integrated design, requiring no special tools for installation. It stands as the optimal choice to minimize maintenance costs and enhance the overall reliability of equipment operation.


The material is entirely corrosion-free, making it well-suited for applications in cooling water towers, wastewater treatment, or non-pressure acid and alkali treatment equipment. In scenarios such as gearboxes exposed to long-term high humidity, dust, and water vapor splash, our bearing isolator can seamlessly replace traditional lip seals within the existing seal space. This configuration establishes effective isolation protection for bearings or lubricating oil, significantly lowering the risk of water intrusion and extending the bearing’s service life.

With extensive expertise in design, application, and diagnostics, we offer optimal solutions for shaft seal requirements in a variety of rotating equipment—whether it’s motors, pumps, fans, mixers, compressors, and more. Our products are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers, providing efficient solutions with short delivery times, irrespective of standard or special specifications.

Key points

  • Ensures that the lubricating grease remains uncontaminated, effectively extending the operating life of the bearing.
  • The design prevents wear on the shaft surface, resulting in reduced maintenance costs over time.
  • During operation, our system eliminates interference, avoiding any increase in torque or power consumption.
  • The seal mechanism design achieves an effective isolation effect.
  • Most lightweight and straightforward solution available