Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)

Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSR) are specifically designed for liquid injection molding. They are low viscosity, high purity elastomers with two-part catalyzed silicone. The elastomer is consisting of cross-linked dimethyl and methyl-vinyl siloxane copolymers and reinforcing silica.

Cure System – Platinum-Cured

Liquid Silicone Rubbers are cross-linked via a platinum-catalyzed reaction (addition-cure). This entails that no residues such as peroxides are present.


  • Often used in medical and consumer industries but automotive and aerospace fields are also common.
  • Noted for their high transparency and exellent mechanical and electrical properties.
  • Can be forumlated with only “White list” ingredients in accordance with 21.CFR 177.2600 for use in applications where the elastomer will be in contact with food and bevrages.
  • Medical systems that requires compliance to USP Class VI.

General Information

  • ASTM D 1418 Designation: Q,MQ,VMQ,PVMQ
  • ISO/DIN 1629 Designation: Q,MQ,VMQ,PVMQ
  • ASTM D2000 / SAE J 200 Codes: FC,FE,GE
  • Standard Color(s):Transparent
  • Hardness Range: 20 to 80 Shore A
  • Relative Cost: Medium

Service Temperatures

Standard Low Temperature: -55°C / -67°F
Standard High Temperature: 230°C / 446°F