• Actum supplies the full standard O-Ring series: AS 568, BS 4518, GB/T 3452.1, JIS B2401 P/G/S/V, SMS 1586 , METRIC and JASO F404
  • Smallest 0.5mm (ID) × 0.5mm (CS)
  • Largest 3000mm (ID) × 16mm (CS)
  • Custom Design inquiries are most welcome

How an O-ring behaves in its sealing function

Compression of the O-ring filling the gap
Pressure activation of the O-ring

O-rings can be divided into four sealing types

Male gland seal
Female gland seal
Face-type seal
Triangular groove seal

What value can Actum Sweden AB offer?

  • Supply a high variety of standards. Already possess tooling of most dimensions so no need for additional investment costs.
  • Custom forms and size after customer specifications is encouraged
  • Large array of materials to choose from to suit your specific application
  • Well known raw material suppliers to guarantee product quality
  • Certified compounds to meet specific markets and needs
  • Wide range of O-ring hardness, 30-95 duro. Actum offers compounds to meet both shore A and IRHD depending on your need
  • External coating and lubricants for O-rings to facilitate your assembly process (PTFE coating, silicone fluid, MoS2, talcum powder, silicone polymer-based coating)